Salisbury Farm, Johnston, RI September 20th, 2020


Cycling to Support Rhode Island Cancer Research

Cycling to Support Rhode Island Cancer ResearchCycling to Support Rhode Island Cancer Research

Salisbury Farm, Johnston RI

September 20th, 2020

What is Tour De Rhody

 Tour De Rhody has become a key fundraiser to support cancer research through the Brown University Oncology Research Group (BrUOG). With a start and finish at Salisbury Farm, Tour De Rhody takes riders through the beautiful country roads of Northern RI. All proceeds go directly to supporting cancer research. With the efforts of our riders and sponsors, Tour De Rhody provides the support the doctors and researchers of the Brown University affiliated hospitals need to lead clinician directed resea

Tour De Rhody at Salisbury Farm

11 Peck Hill Road, Johnston, Rhode Island 02919, United States



About the Brown University Oncology Research Group (BrUOG)

The Brown University Oncology Research Group (BrUOG) was created in 1994 to coordinate clinical cancer research for Brown’s affiliated hospitals and Alpert Medical School faculty. BrUOG’s main mission is to improve cancer care through the implementation of innovative, multidisciplinary cancer clinical trials. BrUOG provides the infrastructure for the efficient development and implementation of these trials, which are created by Brown University faculty.  

The trials sponsored by BrUOG investigate novel, cutting-edge applications of chemotherapy, biologic agents and other cancer treatments.  Our trials are unique because they are investigator-initiated—conceptualized by practicing physicians, not by pharmaceutical companies. As such, these trials represent an incredibly important sector of cancer research. Because medical, radiation and surgical oncologists are deeply familiar with both the latest research and stark realities of cancer, they are an unrivaled source of ideas for novel approaches to treatments.

Learn more about BrUOG here


How to Register or Donate

Registering and donating is easy through bikereg and pledgereg. Please follow links below:

Click here to register on bikereg

Click here to donate on pledgereg

For larger donations, you can donate directly through the Lifespan Foundation, who is sponsoring the event this year, and avoid processing fees. Please include Tour De Rhody in the memo and email so we can make sure to count it on the tally.

If you miss the old way, the existing link directly through the Brown portal still functions.


Event History

As a Hematologist/Oncologist in the Lifespan Cancer Institute, I witness first-hand all the good that BrUOG can do for my patients. 

I also ride my bike to work every day, rain or shine (maybe not in ice). Bringing Tour de Rhody to fruition for its first year in 2019 combined two of my passions; oncology research and bike riding. Nearly 100 riders joined to ride bikes, get a little lost and raise over $18,000 for cancer research. Aside from some small hiccups, I felt the event a great success. 

2020 will be bigger, even more fun, have porta-potties, and hopefully raise even more to support the great work of BrUOG. I really hope you can join us again. I even promise not to mark the course with chalk paint before rain. Thank you, Dr Thomas Ollila. 

Route options and info


15 Mile Loop

For now, this will be the same loop as last year. Any changes will be small. 

Click here to download a map or the gpx file. 

Long Road Loop

I'm planning a new long road loop. Somewhere around 50 miles with bail out points. I promise no dirt.

Gravel Loop

This route will be similar in length to the long road loop, share rest stops, but as much dirt road as I can find. I'm also working with the RI government to see if I can gain access to usually restricted routes. We will see, but this might be really cool!